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Vigilance Attorneys is a law firm of experienced and energetic young professionals focusing on providing quality and innovative legal services to its clients. The firm has entered the market to make its timely contribution by positioning itself principally as a law firm with a number of identified areas of specialty that gives it a competitive advantage. The Firm is composed of young, energetic and well exposed team with strong diverse experience which enables it to provide timely, personalized innovative and high quality legal services in its areas of specialization. The firm offers its services across different sectors of expertise such as litigation, corporate and commercial law, Banking and Security perfection, Labour and Employment, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Law, Family Law, Real Estate and conveyancing, Insurance, Mining and energy, Construction Law, Tax Law and Probate and administration of estate.

The Mission

The Firm’s mission is to provide innovative and quality legal services in its areas of specialization to
its clients. In its conducts and operations, the firm is guided by the imperative to:



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